COMPSCI 590W / INFO 390W, Health Informatics and Data Science

Teaching Assistant, Spring 2022
Teaching Assistant, Spring 2021

Health Informatics and Data Science is a small (about 35 students), joint masters-level and undergraduate course tailored for students with both clinical and computational backgrounds. As the sole TA during of this course, I worked with the instructors to develop and refine course content (including hands-on projects) and administer the course. I also taught weekly discussion sections that aimed to reinforce course content, provide hands-on problem solving experience, and teach students about scientific computing libraries in Python.

COMPSCI 240, Reasoning Under Uncertainty

Lead Teaching Assistant, Fall 2021
Teaching Assistant, Fall 2020

Reasoning Under Uncertainty is a large (about 300 students), lower-division undergraduate course covering the fundamentals of counting, probability, and probabilistic reasoning. This course is foundational for many advanced concepts in computer science including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analysis. As the lead teaching assistant, I was responsible for 1) updating the baseline content of all discussion sections to match the pace of the course while ensuring a consistent student experience, 2) designing weekly quizzes, and 3) managing many practical aspects of course administration. I also led weekly discussion sections that aimed to reinforce course content and held office hours.